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Inuit Mythology: Mahaha, Tuniit, and Other Creatures.
Inuit Mythology has proven time and time again to be an important element in society for the Inuit. Although it had more importance during the early years of the tribe, many of the Inuit Myths are still taken seriously to this day.
This Inuit had quite a few more myths than the other tribes, which focused primarily on the creation aspect of society.
There are a variety of different creatures that comprise these Inuit Myths such as the Mahaha, Ijiraat, Taqriaqsuit, Gallupilluk, Inupasugjuk, and Tuniit. Exploring these creatures is an important task to fulfill for any individual whom wishes to know more about this aspect of the Inuit tribe.
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Merrow (from Gaelic murúch) or Murrough (Galloway) is the Scottish and Irish Gaelic equivalent of the mermaid and mermen of other cultures. These beings are said to appear as human from thewaist up but have the body of a fish from the waist down. They have a gentle, modest, affectionate and benevolent disposition.
There are other names pertaining to them in Gaelic: Muir-gheilt, Samhghubha, Muidhuachán, and Suire. They would seem to have been around for millennia because according to the bardic chroniclers, when the Milesians first landed on Irish shores the Suire, or sea-nymphs, played around them on their passage.
The merrow were capable of attachment to human beings and there are reports of them inter-marrying and living among humans for many years. However, most times they eventually return to their former homes beneath the sea.
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A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow

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